What Are The Best Methods For Brewing Coffee?

Filter coffee

This method is widely used in Brazil. Ground coffee is placed in a paper cone or in a plastic filter and hot water (close to the boiling point) is poured over it. To obtain the best results, at the beginning of the process, pour a small amount of water, just enough to moist the coffee, then wait for a few seconds to add the rest of the water. This will accelerate the process of releasing the aroma. The coffee is filtered directly into a pre-heated pot and ready to serve.sandály na klínku černé
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This method was invented in Italy and has become very popular. The espresso machine forces the hot water to pass through the ground and compact coffee, and the beverage is poured directly into the cup. The caramel-colored cream that forms on the surface of the coffee is a characteristic indicating a good espresso. The espresso process is very fast; the coffee is ready in less than half a minute and contains 18% less caffeine than when it is brewed using other methods.

Arabic or Turkish coffee

Arabic or Turkish coffee is prepared in a small copper pot with a long tail, called “ibrik”. Add two teaspoons of ground coffee to a cup of water and then bring it to the boiling temperature. The ibrik is removed from the fire when the coffee begins to boil, and this process is usually repeated three times (although there are other techniques too). Not only does it matter how you brew your coffee, it also matters what you start with, see http://www.roaringplanet.com/.

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