What Are The Best Coffee Beans?

There are about 80 types of coffee, but the most popular are Arabic coffee, Robusta coffee, coffee Liberica and Maragogype coffee. Magnus Incorporated offers the best coffee, giving you a better cup of coffee every time.

Arabic coffee, originating in Africa (more specifically in Abyssinia) is the most cultivated type of coffee. It is now grown mostly in Latin America, but also in Africa.

Arabic coffee is appreciated for its high-quality beans, with their elongated shape and greenish-blueish color. Its flavor and taste are more refined than in other species. The averaged-strength coffee is obtained exclusively from a variety of Arabic coffee, cultivated in Central and South America, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Brazil is an exception since Brazilian Arabic varieties have a less refined flavor.

Robusta coffee, originating in the Congo Basin, grows faster and is much more resistant in climates that are not favorable to Arabic coffee. It is cultivated intensively in Africa, India, and Indonesia. Robusta coffee has a rather neutral taste, being less aromatic than the Arabic type. It is more appreciated as a soluble coffee.

Coffee Liberica is grown exclusively in the subtropical plains of Africa and South America, where the humidity is very high and the temperature is between 20 and 25° C. The beans are often deformed, of medium size, and a brown to yellow color. The quality of this coffee is medium.

Maragogype coffee is obtained from a tree discovered in the vicinity of Maragogype, Brazil. It is a hybrid resulting from crossing the Arabic and the Liberian species. These greenish coffee beans can be of superior and medium quality.

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