Things You Never Knew About Coffee

Coffee is ranked second in the world’s top-selling consumer goods, after fuel. It is why there are so many searching for coffee delivery near me at work locations and where they live.  Here are curiosities about Things You Never Knew About Coffee:

  1. Some historians believe that coffee beans have been discovered accidentally, by a herd of goats. The Ethiopian pastor who accompanied them noticed that his animals were more agitated after eating these beans.
  1. Coffee can kill if consumed in super large quantities. The lethal dose is represented by 100 cups a day, so it is difficult to reach, but hardcore drinkers should be careful.
  1. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee. It contains cherries partially digested, taken from the excrements of Asian civet (mammals from the squirrel family), and original from the Indonesian islands.
  1. South Africa, Brazil, and Colombia produce almost half of the coffee sold worldwide.
  1. Instant coffee was invented by British chemist George C. Washington, in 1906. The product was launched on the market three years later.
  1. Coffee was banned in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire because of its effects on the nervous system. The Vatican also banned it at some point, because it was considered to be the drink of Muslims.
  1. If you want to enjoy the benefits of caffeine, choose light roasted coffee beans. The level of caffeine in dark roast coffee is lower.

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