Taking a Closer Look at the History of Coffee

We are taking a closer look at the history of Coffee experienced a surge of popularity in the mid to late 18th century in the United States. You’ve guessed it! The main culprit was the Boston Tea Party. After this famous event, Americans who supported the Revolution began replacing tea with coffee, since drinking tea became a lot less patriotic all of a sudden – and rightfully so.sandály na klínku černé
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After 1773, regular people promoted coffee to a greater and greater extent, whether in bars, among fellow revolutionaries or during friendly gatherings. Later on, during the beginning and the middle of the 1800s, frontiersmen also took the tradition of drinking coffee to the west and made it an integral part of the growing American culture in those areas.

It was during the Civil War when coffee truly became popular on American soil. The beverage was credited with raising the morale of the troops and playing an important role in keeping American soldiers alert. To this day it is why businesses across America invest in office coffee service companies to provide energy to their employees.   It may even have saved countless lives in the process. This is largely the time when coffee became recognized as one of America’s most significant beverages.

Finally, the Great Depression and the two World Wars brought further popularity to American coffee brands and coffee companies, especially as President Theodore Roosevelt endorsed the famous brand, Maxwell House, considering it to be “good to the last drop.”

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