Turkish Blend 4 Pack

Rich, heavy, dark roasted beans for the taste of Turkish-style coffee.

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Turkish Blend 4 Pack

Product Description

Sold  in cases of 4-12 oz. nitrogen-flushed valve bags

  • Immediately after roasting, the coffee is heat-sealed into nitrogen-flushed bags.
  • This process forces nitrogen into the package, replacing the oxygen that would otherwise quickly age the coffee.
  • Each bag comes with an attached tin tie closure to roll down and seal the bag after each use.
  • Available in both whole bean and ground.
  • The whole bean has a 1-year shelf life, while the ground has a 6-month shelf life.
  • Each bag has a one-way degassing valve which allows the coffee to de-gas but prevents exposure to oxygen.
  • Not-Earth Friendly packaging

All of our coffee is roasted daily. The roaster digitally stores each roast profile so our coffee stays consistent. Our coffee blends are two or more single-origin coffees, sometimes roasted at different levels and blended together. This creates a unique and exciting profile that would not be found naturally in coffee. Look for blends with coffees from origins you know you enjoy.

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