Is Light Roast Coffee or Dark Roast Coffee More Popular?

Is Light Roast Coffee or Dark Roast Coffee More Popular? Nothing affects the aroma of green coffee beans more like the roasting process. If you were to prepare a coffee from green beams, the result would have no recognized coffee flavor. Coffee roasting is an important step before coffee beans reach our cup, in the form of the magical liquid that most people love.

The roasting process can make the difference between good coffee and exceptional coffee. The roaster is also important in the process because it has the potential to highlight the qualities of the coffee beans.  The knowledgeable wholesale coffee suppliers will buy only the best for their consumers.

Coffee roasting degrees

Simplistically speaking, coffee roasting can be classified into three major categories: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Like any living matter, which is processed by baking or roasting, the more processed it is, the coffee`s color becomes darker.

Knowing the degree of roasting will give us some useful information about the taste of the coffee. As such, the coffee will have a rough, rosy taste when it is lightly roasted, a complex taste with fruity, floral, or chocolate notes when it is medium roasted, or a pronounced, intense taste, when it is dark roasted.

The standard is generally medium roast. The aromatically balanced flavor profile is the most popular, with a slightly attenuated acidity, original flavors that are also slightly attenuated, but noticeable, and rich medium roasting.

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