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Ever wondered where Inspired coffee jokes came from? Coffee jokes are a part of modern culture, and many people wonder just where some of them originated. We don’t really know who came up with most of them either… However, we can bring you some of the funniest and most inspired coffee-related jokes that have ever been told over a stylish coffee table in a busy
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Let’s start with one for all the coffee aficionados out there:

“What did the coffee addict say to the doctor?

– I don’t have any kind of problem with coffee. But I have a big problem without it!”

Puns are always a good laugh, as long as they’re done right:

“What do you call a sad cup of coffee?


Of course, internet memes and cartoons will never go out of style either. Just imagine the artistically witty drawing of a stylish young lady smiling, while holding a cup of hot, delicious coffee, and saying:

“Coffee is the elixir of the gods. Therefore, I am not addicted, I’m divine!”

And, of course, no respectable series of coffee jokes is complete without a good story:

“Hey barista, what does a cup of coffee cost?” asks a customer who just came through the door.

“Only $2,” the barista replied, “and refills are available for free.”

“Great! Then I’ll have a refill please,” answered the customer with a satisfied smile.

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