How long can you keep coffee beans fresh?

How long can you keep coffee beans fresh? Under optimal conditions, coffee beans can be stored for up to four months. If you must keep the coffee longer than this, the beans can be grounded and then put in vacuum-sealed bags; in this way, coffee can be stored for up to 6 months.

However, you should always keep in mind that the biggest enemies of coffee are moisture, air, light, and warmth. The easiest way to keep coffee beans safe from the effect of these four factors that can alter their taste is to keep them in tightly sealed containers, placed in cabinets where the temperature is never too high.

What kind of containers should you use?

It doesn`t matter whether the coffee is expensive or cheaper; once you open the package, and coffee will start losing its freshness. Immediately transfer the content of the package into a ceramic or glass container with a lid. If the container is transparent, store it in a closed cupboard. If you want to keep the coffee insight, use an opaque container, to protect it from light.

Do not store the coffee beans in the freezer. Small temperatures alter the oils existing in the coffee, not to mention that it will absorb the smells and moisture in the freezer. Always buy freshly roasted coffee from places like Magnus Premium Coffee distributors to ensure you are getting the best.


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