Selling popcorn, wrapping paper and cookies is old fashioned and a lot of work. My Cafe Coffee is the new way – Fund raising basics techniques. We provide all the resources to sell ONLINE providing great charities REPEAT INCOME.

We Help You and You Help Us

Every non-profit needs some income to support the great programs they provide in our communities. For many, fundraising is a full time job! So let’s see if we can make it easier with fund raising basics:

1. Set Your Targets

Set a target for how much you want to raise.

2. Identify Contacts

Select the people you already know that can contribute to your success.

3. Out Reach

Reach out to your friends, family and co-workers and let them know about your project. We even help you with email campaigns and social media marketing. Use the marketing collateral we provide to share on social media.

4. Monitor Your Progress

The reports and statistics we provide demonstrate what is working and where improvements are required.

Why Us?

We know what it takes to be successful and we want you to beat your goals. When you’re tired of spending more time fundraising than enjoying what you do, contact us to get started and see how it feels knowing your have money coming in every month.

High Quality Premium Coffee

We make great coffee! You, your team, family, friends and co-workers will be surprised at how good our coffee is and will enjoy buying more every month.

Competitively Priced

Our pricing is very competitive because we are not selling in any stores. We don’t have to pay them, leaving plenty of money to pay you.

No Startup Costs

We charge you nothing! We provide you a startup kit complete with training to make sure you are successful.

Great Customer Service

We ship quick and answers questions fast

We Do Listen To You

You may have your own idea's on how we can help more people. Maybe something that is personal to your family. Enter the information in the form below. Our goal is to contribute $100,000 is 2022!

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