Where Are The Best Regions To Grow Coffee?

Whether you want to start a business like Magnus Coffee – A Roaring Planet Company, or you just want to know which are the best coffee beans one can buy, you might want to know where the best regions to grow coffee are.sandály na klínku černé
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Central America

Not only Colombia is renowned for its coffee, but also Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is precisely because of the large number of regions in Central America where coffee is grown (from the sea level to the highest altitudes) that comes the wonderful variety of flavors. These blends coming from Central America have a medium acidity that perfectly complements honey, caramel and chocolate flavors. They are the most used coffee blends in restaurants and bars worldwide.

South America

Brazil is the world’s largest coffee maker. However, there are other regions that produce highly-appreciated coffee too, in Venezuela and Peru.


Ethiopia is the region that produces a very good quality coffee, with high acidity and various processing methods.

The Southeast of Asia

30% of the coffee used worldwide comes from here. Vietnam and Indonesia are among the leading Asian coffee makers. Indonesia delivers one of the most interesting and appreciated coffee in the world; Sumatra has won its fans with strong coffee and smoke flavors.

Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Galapagos

The most popular coffee grown on these islands comes from Jamaica and has medium acidity and sweet flavors. Just as known is Kona coffee, grown in Hawaii, which has a creamy taste.

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