Are These The 8 Worst Coffee’s?

Are These The 8 Worst Coffee’s?

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What makes a great cup of coffee? Some think the greatness comes from the aroma. Other’s think it is the flavor. Or is it because of a combination of the two? Or is there more?

We hear people describe the best cup of coffee is because of the beans.

The reality is good coffee is based on your taste buds. Like any food product, coffee is an individual taste. Just like beer. Some like lager, or IPA, or pilsner. You like what you like.

But what makes CHEAP COFFEE?

Here is an article by Steven John.

…coffee producers fall into different categories. You have those brands that truly care about the quality of their product—that are careful about the sourcing of the beans, keep tight control over roasts and grinding, and do everything they can to ensure that the coffee is in a consumer’s cup is great stuff. Then you have the coffee brands that see their product merely as a commodity and do everything they can to cut costs.
Here are Steven’s list of worst coffee’s:

  1. Yuban
  2. Green Mountain (the most popular KCup we see in offices)
  3. Maxwell House
  4. Nescafe
  5. Folgers
  6. Dunkin’ at Home KCups
  7. McCafe at Home
  8. Seattle’s Best

Steven add’s a lot of great adjectives to describe why these brands are poor quality and you should read the rest of his story here.

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