5 Coffee Certificates Explained

What Are Coffee Certifications?

Have you wondered what Organic or Fair-Trade coffee really mean?

People are probably confused by all the labels they see on coffee. The confusion is compounded when companies may use the labels differently.

Did you know there is a certification for Bird Friendly Coffee?

Or that the United States Department of Agriculture must approve use of the “organic” label?

Here is a great article from Coffee Affection that describes these 5 coffee certifications.

  1. Bird Friendly – yes there is a bird friendly certification from the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
  2. USDA Organic – remember, to be organic the label must include USDA
  3. Rainforest Alliance – this also includes wages
  4. UTZ – an old certificate migrating to the Rainforest Alliance
  5. Fair Trade Certified – this is mostly about fair labor laws and is governed by multiple organizations.

Realize each of these certifications increase the cost of your coffee not only now in the time of inflation and supply chain constraints, but forever. A cup of coffee may have 1 or all 5 of these certifications – but certifications do not make it taste great. How you think coffee tastes is up to your taste buds.

Hope you find this interesting. If so, click here to read the extensive story written by Kate MacDonnell.


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